The philosophy behind I Salentini can be summarised in two words: “authenticity and tradition” belonging to a wonderful world of art, history, vital cultural heritage and rich food and wine assets.


Salento is a gem of rare beauty, a treasure trove of art and history that deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated also for its natural, cultural and architectural wonders, as well as its typical culinary delights, which characterize this particular corner of Southern Italy.

Just like in Salento – where ancient popular, artistic and cultural traditions are kept – in the restaurant owned by Francesca Micoccio and Antonio Ingrosso, cook and inspired host, guests will find authentic specialties and flavors typical of these lands that extend in the easternmost part of Puglia.


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In the ex-gallery of renown art dealer Lia Rumma, the decor has been curated in minute detail by native Salento designers and architects. The style is simple yet precious: all furnishings have been crafted by local Salento artisans.

For the chance to take home a taste of Salento, within the venue is the Dispensa (pantry) where guests can purchase typical products and ingredients, like wine, olive oil and bakery goods.